Have you ever dreamed of becoming an electropop musician like Owl City?

If so, this is the video you’ve been waiting for! Jesse (formerly of LoveIsElectric) and I show you how to become an electropop musician in this long-anticipated informational video. Check it out!

(Disclaimer: May contain trace amounts of sarcasm and satire. Not recommended for those with no sense of humour.)


The moment I asked Hayley to be my wife - and she said yes.


Get some organic honey into your belly.


It’s Mother’s Day! If you haven’t heard it, check out the song my brothers and I made for Mum. She cried. :)


My impression of pretty much every Owl City-wannabe solo angsty teen boy synthpop music project.

Yes, this includes me when I started.

Jesse (of Seasons In Oregon) and I filmed a video about this. It should be done fairly soon… ;)


unshakablejoy said: Hey, when are you planning on releasing your hymn? :) I absolutely love hymns and I can't wait to hear it!

Unfortunately it may be a while… I’m busy with university at the moment and progress on music is kinda slow. I have vocals done for that song and I’m working on the instrumentation, but I don’t think I’ll be releasing it as a stand-alone track just yet… so most likely next year :(


This may not be the last Light And Colour CD ever printed - but it’s the very last of the original printing of 50 in the whole world. EVER. And it’s waiting for you (yeah, YOU) at http://summertimesend.com/album/light-and-colour-special-edition. Buy it and someday your children’s children will listen to you tell tales about it. Maybe.


My Favourite Review Comments

Just got some reviews on my new version of The Art Of Succinct Compliments. Here are some of my favourite comments from them.

"A breathy vocalist with a Kiwi accent sings cute lyrics about a lovable person.”
(Ummm… no. Not Kiwi. Not at all.)

"This song is nice, in a geeky kind of way. The male vocalist interests me the most. Is he one of twins?"
(Yes! I have an identical twin who sings half of the song!)

"Good 80’s pop feel to this song. would’ve worked better with a female vocalist though. i was expecting a girl singer when i first heard the intro.”
(Darn, I’ll have to re-record it as a girl then.)

"From a writing standpoint, I can see there’s a lot of heartache and emotion that I can tell went into this song.”
(How much heartache in a song this happy, exactly?)

"The problems is that that the lyrics are bad, (They were not bad at all, and quite the opposite)"
(Why… thank you… if that was a compliment… or was it a criticism… I can’t tell…)

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Anonymous said: Do you think Anna Michele (youretheskythatifellthrough) is attractive? :)

Any beauty that can be seen from a photograph isn’t beauty that matters.

But I am quite sure that she is a lovely and beautiful individual. :)


Anonymous said: What Adam has to do to bring this fandom back together is release more blog music like beautiful mystery and paper tigers or release hey anna and IHYTOM or return to writing one long meaningful blog post every week. Like actual updates on his life or music. Not God appreciating posts or stupid jokes or silly pictures. We need to feel personal again with Adam, that's the real problem. Not the tweets but the fact that we've drifted away from him on a personal level. Especially after generic TMS.

What Christians have to do to bring the church back together is release themselves from their idolatry of people like Adam or return to sharing the gospel every week. Like actually showing our faith in our life or music. Not Adam-appreciating posts or stupid jokes or silly pictures. We need to feel personal again with God, that’s the real problem. Not the music but the fact that we’ve drifted away from him on a personal level. Especially after getting so caught up in idolising Adam.

Now I agree.